Bee Light Beeswax Candles | 4hr Burn Time

Pack size

Material: Purified Beeswax (nothing else!)

Wick: Pure Cotton

H: ~30cm
W: ~0.8cm

Burn time: 3 - 3.5 hours each 

The epitome of grace... these elegant tapers, no wider than a pinkie finger will burn without dripping a drop (when they're kept out of a breeze).  


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What is a Bee Light Candle?

Bee Light candles are unique to Queen B and have been one of our best selling candles from the day they launched.

Bee Lights burn for between 3.5 - 4.0 hours each, however you can light them for as as short or as long as their entire burn.  

Popular as a meditation candle or for a personal yoga practice, they're also perfect to light from the moment you get home to prepare your brain for sleep and to fill your home with the wonderful honey aroma that you get from natural beeswax candles

They are extraordinarily beautiful to burn with a flame that is wider than the candle.  These candles are 100% not drip if they are kept out of a breeze.  If the flame is 'dancing' they are in a breeze!

Happy burning!

Benefits of Queen B's pure Beeswax Candles

Made of the purest Australian beeswax Queen B candles offer unique benefits:- 

  • they burn with an golden aura-ed flame;
  • they burn significantly longer than any non-beeswax candles of a similar size;
  • they purify the air via ionisation and have significant health benefits especially for those of us suffering from respiratory problems like asthma;
  • they contain no soy, palm, paraffin or other processed ingredients.   

A selection of pure beeswax pillar candles - more sizes, varieties, and combinations - can be found on the Queen B candles website at

Burn Time Requirement

None!!!... burn it for as short or as long as you like

Tips for Better Burning

Keep them out of a breeze for a sublime, drip free experience.  If you're burning multiple Bee Lights, keep them around 10 - 15cm apart.