Squat Pillar Beeswax Candle | 40hr Burn Time

H: ~6 cm
W: ~7.5 cm

Burn time: 40 hours each 

Ingredients: 100% pure Australian Beeswax (nothing else!)

Wick: Pure Cotton


Benefits of Queen B's pure Beeswax Candles

Made of the purest Australian beeswax Queen B candles offer unique benefits:- 

  • they burn with an golden aura-ed flame;
  • they burn significantly longer than any non-beeswax candles of a similar size;
  • they purify the air via ionisation and have significant health benefits especially for those of us suffering from respiratory problems like asthma;
  • they contain no soy, palm, paraffin or other processed ingredients.   

A selection of pure beeswax pillar candles - more sizes, varieties, and combinations - can be found on the Queen B candles website at www.queenb.com.au.

Burn Time Requirement

The Law of Physics (as it relates to candles) -

"If you don't let your candle burn out to the edge, it will never burn out to the edge."  

Our Squat Pillar candle is designed for longer (2-3 hour) burning for the majority of times you light it.  As I say to customers who come into the hive, if you've just lit your candles and you're invited out for an impromptu dinner, please don't feel that you have to say no!  Put your candle out and off you go, BUT next time you light the candle remember to give it a longer burn.


Tips for Better Burning

Trim the wick prior to lighting your candle - Before lighting your candle, make sure that the wick is 6 - 8mm long.  (It's worth getting a ruler out just once to check that your idea of 6 - 8mm corresponds with a ruler)! 

Dip the wick to put out your candle - The best way to put out your candle (except tealights and tapers) is to dip the wick into the pool of wax (the end of a pen or pencil suffices as a tool). 

The next time you come to relight your candle you can trim or carefully break off the top of the wick (ensuring a 6 - 8mm wick remains).  Because the wick was coated in wax, you shouldn't get any black on your fingers or scissors.

Our candles purify the air you breathe - so much so, you'll literally be able to see the dirt in the pool of wax (the larger the candle, the larger the pool of wax, the easier it will be to notice).  If you live near major thoroughfares, bush land, building or renovation works, it will be particularly noticeable.

As the wick draws the wax (and dirt) towards the base of the wick, the dirt that is small enough to be drawn up the wick will clog the top of the wick (which will appear grey, like ash) and the dirt that is too large will gather at the base of the wick making it difficult for the wick to draw wax the next time you light your candle. 

To fix this problem, either move the dirt from the base of the wick with whatever utensil you're using to dip your wick, OR when you relight your candle, hold the lighter to the base of the wick for a little longer until you can see that the wax at the base of the wick has warmed (which means it is then accessible for the wick)