3 x Medium Beeswax Wraps | Jocelyn Proust

Blue Natives
Pink Natives
Inky Natives

This pack includes: 

  • 3 x medium wraps (27cm x 27cm)

Available in 3 x colourways of native Australian flowers, by Australian artist Jocelyn Proust:

  • Pink Natives
  • Blue Natives
  • Inky Natives

Fabrics may vary slightly from what is shown.

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    What would I use a medium wrap for?

    A medium beeswax wrap (27cm x 27cm) is suitable for a myriad of uses including wrapping:

    • cheeses
    • bunch of baby carrots (tops cut off)
    • bunch of asparagus
    • corn on the cob
    • beetroots
    • 1/2 rockmelon, pineapple etc (you don't need to cover 
    • bunch of grapes
    • 1/4 cabbage
    • covering smaller bowls
    How do I clean my beeswax wraps?

    Click on the Cleaning Wraps link in the Care & Use menu at the top for more info and videos.

    What makes a Queen B wrap different to other wraps on the market?

    Expertise | Usability | Made by Hand | Fabrics | Proprietary Methods of Working with Beeswax 

    Expertise - we've got 20 years of skin in the game.  That's tens of thousands of hours of expertise working with beeswax.  Owner, Cate Burton, is the beeswax judge for the National Honey Show and is an acknowledged global expert in beeswax.

    Made by Us and Made by Hand - we're control freaks at Queen B.  We hand make every single candle and wrap we sell in our purpose fitout hive here on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

    The next 2 largest brands in Australia outsource everything - their fabric is imported and sent directly to another company who wax it and sent to another for cutting and packing.  How on earth can you guarantee the quality of your product if you don't even make it? 😫

    And then there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of wraps made in a home garage or kitchen.  Are you really going to risk wrapping your food in that? 😖

    Fabrics - From our beautiful ranges Made with Liberty Fabrics to our collaboration with Jocelyn Proust, we promise to bring you an ever fashionable range of wraps with which to adorn your fridge and lunch box!  We're bringing the stylish to sustainable.

    Usability - before we launch any product at Queen B we ask ourselves whether the world needs our version of that product? 

    • In the case of beeswax candles it was a resounding yes as beeswax candles had stopped being made professionally many decades prior due to the price of beeswax.  All the beeswax candles we came across looked dirty, didn't burn properly and were inconsistent.
    • In the case of beeswax lip balm, the answer was no... there are already great products on the market that we use ourselves.
    • In the case of beeswax wraps the answer was again a resounding YES!  All of the wraps on the market that we tested were either too brittle (so you couldn't get a seal with the warmth of your hands); had too much beeswax in the mix (causing them to crack when unwrapping things straight out of the fridge) and/or were just downright ugly.  The world most definitely needed wraps that were fit for purpose... malleable, easy to seal, not too tacky, not too dry, not too stiff and most definitely not ugly!

    Proprietary Methods - Our methods of cleaning beeswax (using only water, filtration and time) are proprietary and carefully guarded.  Our decades of working with beeswax have also taught us exactly how to respect and work with this extraordinary material and our hive dedicates almost 500 square metres to this pursuit. 

    Queen B is no backyard or kitchen table business... we take our commitment to your health and wellbeing seriously and hand make products with that in mind! 

    Should you ever be anything other than completely delighted with anything that you purchase from Queen B, please contact us pronto... we are not a nameless, faceless business with a call centre overseas - we're a passionate bunch of humans trying our darndest to make a difference.