Tell me more about your beeswax wraps!

A reusable, sustainable & biodegradable alternative to plastic food wrap. They keep your fruit, veggies, cheese and bread fresher for longer.

Only 4 x natural ingredients, that's it:

1.  100% Australian beeswax. As with all Queen B products, we use a proprietary wax cleaning method (using just water, time & filtration) to remove the dust that is ever-present in hives sitting in our native Eucalyptus forests. We clean our wax twice taking 48 hours, leaving only the purist raw beeswax.

2.  Pure cotton fabric.

3.  Organic coconut oil.

4.  Tree resin.

Please do not use your wraps for raw meat, chicken or fish.

We recommend beeswax wraps are used for fruit, vegetable, breads, cheeses where our wraps act like a natural peel/skin and there is low risk of contamination.

Whilst our wraps are created with our proprietary mix of natural Australian beeswax, medical grade organic coconut oil & tree resin which has antibacterial properties, we also recommend washing your wraps after use with warm water and eco friendly soap like Sunlight.

If you've been using your wraps for a while and want to be sure, please refresh your wraps in the oven at 110 degrees celsius which is hot enough to kill any bacteria that could be present.

We take your health and safety seriously at Queen B so please reach out if you have any further questions.

We’ve sold literally thousands and never had a single customer say that. The wraps will have a faint honey aroma from the beeswax, but it doesn’t transfer to the food.

•  You’ll save money by keeping food fresher longer: according to FoodWise, Australians discard up to 20% of food they purchase every month.

•  You'll help save the planet by reducing your single use plastics: in 30 years there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (www.marineconservation.org.au).

We thought you might ask that! In short: top quality cotton fabric (hand cut to size), a mix of 100% pure Aussie beeswax + organic coconut oil + tree resin, applied to fabric (by hand) using a natural fibre paintbrush (bristles are nailed in not glued… no toxins here!) & continue this process in and out of the oven until the wrap is perfect... 

...when you consider our process of hand making every single wrap, with the purest ingredients on the market + the addition of recyclable & biodegradable packaging, it actually makes them great value for money!

Queen B source the finest Australian wax, which in turn gives back to Australian bee-keepers and supports their regional communities. As with all Queen B products, we use a proprietary wax cleaning method (using just water, time & filtration) to remove the dust that is ever-present in hives sitting in our native Eucalyptus forests. We clean our wax twice taking 48 hours, leaving only the purist raw beeswax.

Queen B is a trusted brand bringing over 20 years of experience in hand crafting beeswax & over 5 years of judging at the National Honey Awards - we like to test all the local products to ensure your beeswax wrap is the best in Australia.

How do Queen B beeswax wraps work?

Simply wrap around your food item (cheese, fruit, veggies), bowl or plate of food and mould (using the warmth of your hands) to create an airtight seal. 

Rinse between uses in lukewarm water with a mild dish soap then simply leave to air dry (hang them over your dishes, pop them on a hanger and hang them off your oven or peg them on the line). If only lightly used you can give them a wipe with a damp cloth.

Just fold them up and pop them in a kitchen draw or cupboard (we put ours with clean tea towels).

Depending on usage, your wraps should last between 6-12 months. 

Our wraps seal with the warmth of your hands. On a cold day, warm your hands up quickly by running them under hot water. Make sure to dry them off before moulding your wrap around the food item. 


Queen B Beeswax Wraps are perfect for covering bowls, wrapping cheese, wrapping sandwiches & keeping your fruit and veggies (+ Avocado's) fresh. Beeswax wraps dramatically extend the life of your fresh food and produce... so much so, we’d be amazed if they don’t pay for themselves within the first month. 

Of course! Beeswax Wraps are great for wrapping dough and any other freezer foods that would be wrapped in plastic. Allow your beeswax wrap to come to room temperature before unwrapping to avoid cracking. 

We’ve had customers tell us that they use the left over bits of beeswax from their Queen B candles to melt over their wraps, but considering one of the main points of feedback from testing other brands of beeswax wraps that are beeswax heavy, they are prone to cracking. So we’d suggest that when they get to this point pop them in your compost or worm farm and give them back to the earth!

If your wrap is starting look a little worn you can easily refresh it by laying it between sheets of baking paper and iron or pop it on baking paper in a 110-degree celsius oven for a few minutes.

Sizes & designs

Queen B Beeswax Wraps are available in lots of different sizes to fit perfectly around your bowls, breads & produce.

•  Avo/small (18cm x 17cm)

•  Medium (27cm x 27cm)

•  Large (37cm x 37cm)

•  Sourdough Saver (40cm x 54cm)

•  Baby Uber (50cm x 54cm)

•  Uber (100cm x 75cm) - the best value beeswax wrap in Australia per square cm.

You can select your favourite collection and preferred colour way but not specific prints. Queen B Beeswax Wraps are packed by wonderful Norther Beaches community volunteers & kept on the shelves ready to send out quickly when you place an order. This helps us keep the cost of your wraps down.

We were initially surprised when this question came up, we know men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but when it comes to beeswax wraps we are all from planet earth! 

However, we consistently get feedback that men in particular find it annoying not being able to see what’s in a bowl or in a wrap. We suggest using glass bowls and perhaps using small sticky white labels if you want to ruin the surprise.

We also know from our experience in the Queen B store, that men are always more drawn to our neutrals so check out our linen look Palm Beach Collection.

Yes we do! More on intonational shipping policies here.