Shipping Policy

The reality is that there is no such thing as “Free” shipping – it is either paid for by the customer (and products are able to be sold at lower margins) or it is paid for by the merchant (who needs to build in the cost of shipping into the cost of the product).  And besides, surely you can’t begrudge paying something for the service of delivering a parcel to your door (or PO Box)!

We are attempting to gracefully negotiate that fine line at Queen B by offering free shipping within Australia on all orders over $100.  We have a flat rate of $11 shipping on orders shipped within Australia less than $100.

We are not able to offer free shipping on international orders as the cost of shipping internationally from Australia for bulky goods is high.  The international shipping rates embedded in our website are the rates we are charged.  We do not make a profit on shipping.

You’ll often find that things that are worth having (because they’re well made, long lasting and have integrity at their core) are worth paying for.  If you are anything other than absolutely delighted by your Queen B candles, please let us know.  The flame and burning performance of a Queen B candle should so delight you that paying someone to deliver it to your door (a service that comes at a cost) will pale into insignificance.