For the past 20 years Queen B has sought to do more than simply offset the small amount of C02 emissions resulting from the manufacture of beeswax candles & wraps. Our goal is, and has always been, to deliver realness & progress in the fight against climate change, pollution & fakery.

Where we stand today:

 We are a carbon positive company.

 We deliberately overpay Australian beekeepers for the pure beeswax we buy, we want to keep their businesses and the regional communities they live in sustainable.

 100% of our packaging is recyclable (we even use cornflour biofill in your parcels), we recycle everything we use and reuse everything that comes in our door.

 Our supplies and suppliers are certified organic & sustainable.

 Our warehouse uses energy efficient lighting.

Beyond throwing our everything behind Queen B and ensuring that our footprint is non-existent, we also campaign in the following ways:

•  Pollution through the use of synthetic materials like processed soy and paraffin in candles.

 Fragranced candles, which are similarly synthetic. Queen B candles are not chemically fragranced (they only have a subtle & natural honey aroma).

 Wasted food: more than a third of everything we produce in Australia is thrown away. Our wraps help keep food fresher for longer!

 Single use plastics! Hence our interest in resuable beeswax wraps as a replacement.

 Even our beeswax wraps are sustainable in themselves. We sell raw refresher wax to enable you to reuse once they wear out, you can compost our wraps in your garden after use.


Our policy on 'Sustainability' is to do more than our fair share in terms of carbon offsets and to educate on the pollution engulfing our planet. We care about:

 Abolishing the use of plastic.

 Ceasing the use of synthetic candles including soy and paraffin.

 Stopping waste reduction from the food & produce we buy everyday.