What is a Queen B Uber Wrap???

Deemed "the biggest, best value beeswax wrap in the world" (by one of our favourite customers) our Uber is an XL, jumbo beeswax wrap that can be cut up into any size your heart desires (or produce requires).

Our Uber gives YOU back control & allows you to be creative. After years of requests for specific size wraps for specific purposes, we created the Uber: the cheapest beeswax wrap on the market per cm2

So, how do I cut my Uber wrap?

This really depends on how perfectionistic you're being... If you're a little OCD like us, decide on the sizes you want & measure or mark them up with a blunt butter knife or a pen.  Then simply cut the wraps with kitchen scissors.

Take a look below for 4 x different ways we recommend cutting your Uber: